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Ideally, a Wolf Dog enclosure should be 9 guage, 10 ft. chain link. A concrete or similar permanent dig guard, and a dry underground shelter.
However to build the ideal enclosure is expensive and time consuming. Once in, it is permanent.
Our enclosures are secure for escape, however there are issues that you must consider depending on your situation and location.

The issues with cattle panels are:
Animals can get their heads out, and small animals, unsupervised children, are not advised.
Snakes, birds, reptiles, all seem to find their way in.


There are many ways to acheive a secure Wolf Dog pen. However this is the least expensive, easiest and most portable if you want to move it.
We use 8' pressure treated landscape timbers as posts, simply due to cost. Cattle panels are so strong that once all corners are secured, they would actually stand without posts.
Posts are 2' in the ground set in 30-40lbs of concrete. That is 1 bag per 2 posts. I do not concrete the posts in until the panels are stapled so that they form themselves to the terrain better. If you have a hill, the posts will not be set by a level, or they will be uneven with the panels.
Always use heavey galvanized fence staples, and panels should be fastened inside the posts. This prevents loosening as the dogs bounce off them.
Set your posts every 8' for strength and if you can afford to, I recommend a 2x4 rail across the tops.
Now you have 6' posts, and 2 panels stacked are 8'. The top 2' of panel will bend in if the animal attempts to climb. You also have the option of bending it slightly to discourage climbing.

Panels are secured together with Hog Rings. These too should be heavy galvanized FENCE rings and not the actual light weight ones available at most places. We have found the 9 guage galvanized here.
Call Mark 810 721 0300  and ask for LH3-9 . You will also need the pliers.

Build or place doghouses and other large items inside the pen before placing the final panels up or you may have trouble getting them through the gates.

Roll field fence flat and full length of each side. Hogring to bottom of panels and secure the dig wire with heavy rocks, hardened concrete bags or ?? always take care that no sharp wires are exposed.

Remember these animals jump high, and are very unpredictable when it comes to ingenuity and escape. They can open latches, and find ways to do things by watching you.
NEVER put a doghouse that they can climb up on near the fence. All that does is lower the fence to them.

Containment should not be a negative place to them. A Wolfdog that spends all it's time trying to get out is an unhappy Wolfdog. Fixing the emotional issues is far more important than plugging the holes.

YOU WILL NEED  (32x32)

18 posts
9 bags 60- 80 lb. concrete
18 cattle panels (for double gates)
Fence Staples
130 ft of 36" field fence

CLUB MID APROXIMATELY 4000 SF , 3' wire dig, double cattle panels, 8' posts.
total cost including house under $2000.
45.8 MB

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