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SOJOURN is a 501c3 tax exempt charitable org. We hope that the companies whom we have supported in our growth period will in return consider supporting the sanctuary where the animals live their new lives. Operating costs have become a huge burden on private funding.

For 9 years I have been funding 99% of the costs myself for our animals. Donations have helped partially with transports and rescues for others with the exception of some medical expenses here. I have recently lost my income. More than ever we are in need of outside support.
Caring for Wolfdogs is a 7 day a week job. It is difficult to go find work that allows me to be 2 places at once, and jobs are non existent.
We can only be thankful for being here, and pray we can survive this hurdle.


Special thanks to all the musicians who played for the animals.

Sandy Blair
Terry Brown
Mike Holloway
Joe Lamonte
Eric Lopez
Ernie Arroyo
Dave Wood
Johnny Sortor
Tom Good
Susan Julian Good
Ray Desilvas
Steve Jones


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Ringo fought for years to be normal, but his immune system battled him down non stop.  In early spring 2015 he left us for a better place.
I learned a great deal from Ringo that benefits the care of the others in many ways. 


You can sponsor a Wolfdog for
$1.00 a day.
$25.00 a month
$250.00 a year
$1000.00 a lifetime

If you have a longing to help these animals but cannot adopt one physically, most rescue sanctuaries need your help and we are no different. With your financial assistance we are closer to being able to save more lives.