Kooey was a very high spirited puppy. Her humans could not integrate her into their pack of Dogs, and the woman feared her. Kooey would snap at you. At 6 months she came to live her life out here. She is one of the friendliest, happiest, jokers here.

Wiley RIP

Wiley was a tragic result of 3 homes before he was a year old. At 16 mos. we were asked to give him a life. Here he was unchained for the first time and had a friend "Kieshe" to keep him content. Wiley suffered from fear of thunder. At 9, he became very ill with cancer that I believe was genetic.


Dyami turns heads as one of the most beautiful Wolfdogs. Sadly she was forced into rescue after her owner went to military housing . The trauma caused by an incompetent self proclaimed expert, ruined any possibility of a good bond with her for me. Dyami has been here 9 years as of 3/16. She does fine with no human contact.


Kieshe is not a Wolf Dog , and she is likely part of a spell put on me :). Sweet little girl walked into the house as a pup. No one knows where she came from or how she got here.


After Dyami showed signs of severe trauma, and would not accept an adult mate, I opted to try and find her a pup. "KD" was luckily available. She raised him and they have a strong bond. "KD" came along at a time when many of our soldiers were being killed in Iraq. One of our local heroes came back alive, but severely burned and dismembered. "KD" is named after Sgt. Kevin Downs.

Kodi RIP

Kodi was not a Wolf Dog. He and Meinji were dumped here for me to foster in 2006. The women who dumped them became a long term problem for many. Kodi left us in March of 2016. He was almost 13.

Meinjein RIP

Minji and Kodi were dumped here in 2006 by rescue women I trusted. They came here sick, and no one ever offered to help financially or otherwise. At that time we were not a rescue. I was simply trying to do someone a favor. Minji is 13 now, and her Kodi is gone. 4/16 Sadly Minji let go about a month after Kodi. They were lifetime partners, and I suppose a broken heart is to blame.


Nonadi, sold to a teenage girl who discovered boys were more fun when her pup was barely a year old. Her parents took the dog to the shelter and never looked back. She was posted by email through a wonderful rescuer. No one wanted her. I went to Indianapolis and brought her home. Nonadi has dug tunnels and holes over an entire 1/2 acre enclosure, but she is an amazingly sweet ambassador here.

Ringo RIP

Dummy me. The same woman who dumped Minji & Kodi here, called me crying one morning about this poor boy in Georgia. Convinced me she would pay all expenses and Vet bills. So once again I bit the bullet. I never saw a dime. Ringo was a very sick boy. Here we had him almost normal. His immune system was NG, and after 7 years and 3200.00 I just could not keep him going. Ringo left us in April 2015.


Bo, another purported Wolf Dog was tied to a wire fence on a 4' cable behind a trash can trailer. The teenage girl who had him was in no position to deal with him. Bo is basically a very sweet IDIOT of a dog who has dented the dynamics here for 10 years. However he has been a great playmate to both Kooey first and Denali now. Bo is thought to be 12 -14, and is showing signs of fatty tumors (old age) . As many times as I have wished him gone, I know I'm going to miss him big time when he's gone. On June 27 /16 we had the tumor removed. Bo did not respond well to the surgery. Time will tell us what to do. Bo is doing very well thanks to Dr. Chris Shew in Kingston Springs Tn. As of 3/17 he is cancer free. Bo lost his fight with cancer October 2017. We miss him.

Shiloh RIP