Broken Hearts

WOLF DOGS are a high energy powerful animal. They are not recommended for the majority of people .  All of the information we provide is to help you make a responsible choice. One wrong decision can be fatal for the animal.

Because public and county shelters nationwide do not adopt out Wolf Dogs as a rule, most are euthanized within a week of being surrendered if rescues cannot take them. Lovers of Wolf Dogs have taken on the burden and expense of rescuing these animals because there are no alternatives. These private rescues are watched and critiqued by government, law enforcement, USDA, communities, and a variety of politically active individuals. As such, great expense to make these facilities efficient and sanitary is often diverted to tax exempt 501c3 status. To obtain this federal document is also expensive and a continuous full time job for the rescuers or volunteers if one is fortunate enough to have volunteers.

Wolf Dog rescues receive an enormous number of distress calls each month. Many are people who truly do not have Wolf Dogs but were misled by whoever they obtained the animal from,  which causes a long list of problems.
Although the people who have broken their commitment to the animal to care for it for a lifetime somehow feel it is the rescuer's duty to bail them out of their mess, they also get offended, defensive, arrogant and rude when told that their animal is not what they believe.

Each time we take on a rescue animal, the expense of health care, feeding, containment averages $1500.00 the first year.
Do the people surrendering their dog wish to contribute? Rarely. They often think you are going to reimburse them for what the animal has cost them?

We understand that not all rescues are the same way. Many responsible Wolf Dog folks get into life's down times and there are no alternatives. However, that is not the majority of rescues. Most often it is simply the laziness, incompetent lack of compassion and understanding of humans that sends these loving and helpless creatures into emotional doom.

Wolf Dogs, sentient beings, with beating hearts, thinking minds, and unconditional love for their people, often do not overcome the trauma of being DUMPED.

Where do you fit in this situation?
Are you willing to fix the problems so you and your companion can stay together? We can help.
Are you willing to spend the necessary money to build proper containment, shelter? We can help.
Are you willing to take on another animal as a companion to yours to stop loneliness, separation anxiety? We can help.
Are you willing to fulfill your original obligation to your Wolf Dog? We can help.

If the answer to the questions above is NO, then here is what is expected from you.

After a close evaluation of the issue and animal is done from provided images or personal visit and....

a) A full bio of the animal as long as you have had it. Photos are absolutely necessary. Breeder info is helpful if known.
b) Spaying , Neutering prior to rescue, or expenses provided for us to do it.
c) Transport to us, or to wherever we can place them, or assistance either financial or physical.
d) A signed release form surrendering your rights.

We will then either house them if we have the space, or begin to seek placement.