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is a Wolf / Wolfdog sanctuary and home to 10 rescued animals.
We are located in middle Tennessee, just west of Nashville, on 18 acres of quiet and peaceful rolling hills.

We survive on the generosity of those who care.  We are a federal 501c3 tax exempt charity.

 Our animals live in safe natural habitats large enough to run and live their daily lives without man's restrictions.

Director of Sojourn
Steve Easten

For more information , visitor policy or help with containment, contact

Sojourn is open for visitation via educational for INDUSTRY professionals only.  We are not open to the public as a zoo or attraction. If you are interested in adoption or are preparing for care of a large canine, Veterinary, Animal Control, related industry, or your interests are regarding anything we can assist with, Visits may be arranged if necessary. 


Activities are all based on weather, and personal choice. 

All donations are 100% tax deductible.



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