Many of the problems faced by Wolf Dog folks are spawned from the mislabeling of northern breed Dogs as part Wolf.
This is a very involved issue that often starts silly arguments and people who love "The Wolf" in their Dog are seriously ego sensitive.
When you try to share educational information that negates one's beliefs, you tread on shaky ground.

It is important to know closely what your animals are. There are numerous reasons for this. If you have a "true" background from a breeder, it is generally going to
tell you what your animals issues "might" be, either bahavior wise or health wise, or both. Unless the breeder truly has no idea? in which case the animal is very likely
not what is represented as being.

Often breeders will have papers and sometimes these papers are registered with organizations like Continental Kennel Club?
I believe you can register a Monkey as a Wolf Dog with this registry.

So, how does one get a close idea of what their animal is? And more importantly will it make a difference to this person if there is disappointing news?

Knowing what your Dog is should have no bering on how you feel about them. This is an issue that can be detrimental to the well being of both of you.
In Nebraska in 2008, the town sued a family over 3 Dogs that were mislabeled Hybrids by their owner.
They had decided that part Wolf was too dangerous to be in the town limits. As silly as this was, it cost the family over 30K in legal fees.
Eventually they dropped the case after several Wolf Dog knowlegable people stepped in and identified the breeds.


In Pennsylvania, a young woman was killed by her mislabeled Wolf Pack, after she fell in the fenced area starting a frenzy that no one was
sure was an attack or ? After 8 intact male Husky mixes repeatedly dragged her and she eventually bled out.
No one bothered to properly identify the Dogs.


In Kentucky, a baby was snatched from it's crib and taken into the woods by the family dog. Photos indicated either
Shepherd / Malamute or very low content Wolf Dog, however the animal was labeled a WOLF HYBRID. The Wolf will always
be the issue.


Many states , counties, cities are wrongfully banning Wolf Dogs due the actions of mislabeled Dogs. And still there are more and more
uneducated people breeding animals with no understanding of what they have or the results.

The Wolf & Wolf Dog rescue community is inundated with SOS calls every day. The vast majority of these animals in peril are NOT Wolf Dogs, or Hybrids,
and often they might not be in jeopardy if the truth was known. The fact that identification is difficult for most people,
including Veterinarians, County Shelters, and numerous other professionals, presents reinforcement to the bad education passed around that leads to these issues.

Veterinarians are not trained to phenotype breeds. It has little or nothing to do with the business of pet health care. A Zoo Vet might know the difference between a Wolf and a Wolfie looking Dog, however not all of them as we have evidence of that as well.

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard these stories??

1) We saw the parents, and we know that they were Wolves.
2) Ours were pulled from the den because the mother was killed.
3) One of the parents was a pure Timber Wolf, and our pup was born in September.
4) I know because he has different teeth then a dog, and yellow eyes.
5) She's an Arctic because she's white.
6) Our Vet even agrees.  (he wants your business, so of course he does)

Each and every time a Dog is mislabeled, a similar story accompanies the situation. Those who are educated know these are all fabricated lies,
either by the Dog's owners or the breeder who passed it on?

If someone cannot tell their own Dog's heritage, how would they know the parents?
Pulling wild pups from a den is a federal offense that doesn't become a public auction.
Wolves as we know them today, or high content Wolf Dogs DO NOT breed in any other months except winter. Pups are whelped
in spring. Latitudes may vary times from March until June.
Dogs and Wolves have the same number of teeth. Wolves canines can be up to 2" long.



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